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The Epitaphios, year 2011


The Epitaphios is the centrepiece of the every church in Greece on Easter week. In Ouranoupolis the custom has been to decorate it with elaborate designs made out of flowers.

The women of the village decorate the Epitaphios with tiny dry and fresh flowers and beads of many colours, which are painstakingly pined to cover every surface, forming intricate scrolls and flowery patterns.

Every year they use a different design. The intricate designs reflect the local carpet weaving tradition and also borrow motifs from the treasures of Mount Athos. The final design is decided early in the year, the flowers and the beads are ordered and some of the preparatory work is carried out. Then the fixing of the thousands of flowers takes place the week before Easter.


The Epitaphios is assembled in the centre isle of the church on Thursday night before Easter.

It represents the tomb of Jesus and an effigy of his body is laid out in it and decorated with even more flowers. It is a magnificent sight and many visitors come to see and admire the intricate work. The faithful visit the Epitaphios to pay their respects and light a candle.







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