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            Sightseeing in Ouranoupolis



Sunset on the jetty

There are many aspects of Ouranoupolis, so many places to visit. Some people like the active holidays, the water-sports, the jet-skiing and the windsurfing. Others prefer a deserted cove, a corner that they enjoy and keep visiting day after day, and often year after year. This is just a flavour of Ouranoupolis.

Ouranoupolis and the Islands

The Tower by the Sea

The view from the hills

The view from the rolling hills above Ouranoupolis is enchanting. You can see the islands in the distance across the cal blue sea.

The Byzantine tower

Without a doubt the imposing feature of Ouranoupolis is the Byzantine tower which stands sentry by the sea. It houses a museum and you can visit it during the summer. The view from the top balcony is simply magnificent.

The Sea Front

Sunset by the Old Tower

Fishing Boat


The Village Church


The Drenia Islands  

The Desert Islands

Spending time on the Island

The Drenia islands: a collection of uninhabited rocks bathing it the mid-day sun. A paradise of lonely coves and golden beaches. The larger island is called "The Donkey Island" after the only inhabitants there. In the summer it gets busy. This is where the boats bring you to enjoy the golden sand and the clear blue sea.

The Beach Bar on the Island

The Beach

The taverna on "The Donkey Island". Run by Kostas and Andonis, it is the only structure on the island. It provides umbrellas and recliners by the sea for free. It serves fresh fish, and souvlaki, washed down with draught larger and the local tsipouro. Ask for the fresh fish of the day or the steamed mussels which are kept alive and fresh in the sea. If you are looking for peace and quite avoid "The Donkey Island". Hire a boat in Ouranoupolis and explore. You are bound to find a secluded cove and even a whole island to have to yourself for the day, with only company the fish and the sea-birds.
The border to Mount Athos  

The Building on the Border of Mount Athos

Old Building

The Arsanas, a monastic building just inside the border to Mount Athos. Hidden among the olive trees, only five kilometres away from Ouranoupolis.  The old building with a courtyard and a well in the centre marks the place where Byzantium joins up with today's world.

Excavations at Zygos

A Cross Carved on Stone

The monastery of Zygos from 942 AD on the border to Mount Athos is being excavated.  An architectural detail excavated at the monastery of Zygos. 
Serviko: The unspoiled paradise  

Sunset on the Beach of Serviko

The Taverna at Serviko

The dirt road up the hill over Ouranoupolis is steep but the view of the bay from the top where there is an oasis of pine trees is stunning. If you have a car or good feet it is worth following the road as it comes down the north side of the peninsula. You will discover an unspoiled paradise. The umbrellas and recliners are provided by the taverna, a wooden hut by the sea. Georgousis and his cheerful wife, the proprietors, grow their own vegetables in a plot near by. The food is always fresh and well cooked.
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