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    Easter in Ouranoupolis.

    Decorating the Epitaphios with tiny dry and fresh flowers and beads of many colours. The intricate designs reflect the local carpet weaving tradition and also borrow motifs from Mount Athos.


    As the sun is setting in over the bay of Ouranoupolis the colours are so mellow.  


    Summer in Ouranoupolis - Klidonas 2010 (Part 1)



    Summer in Ouranoupolis - Klidonas 2010 (Part 2)


    Every summer, on the 23rd of June, on the eve before the birth of St John the Baptist, Ouranoupolis celebrates the festival of Klidonas. The gathering of many cultural associations from Northern Greece, on the 23rd of July, to celebrate the festival of Klidonas. 200 dancers in beautiful, traditional dresses, produced a full program of dance and music, inspired by the cultural heritage of the refugee communities that came to Greece from Asia Minor.


    Easter 2012 in Ouranoupolis.

    The Epitaphios was decorated with new designs. Many have visited the church to express their faith and admire the intricate decorations. 


    Easter 2013 in Ouranoupolis.

    The Epitaphios was decorated with 70,000 multicoloured beads and 5,000 flower heads.   


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